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The popular averages closed to the downside on Monday. The Chicago purchasing managers index of regional business activity fell into contraction territory. Pending home sales rose slightly in October. Meanwhile the price of crude oil fell while the gold price rose on Monday.

   Above is my 3-month chart of the S&P 500 exchange traded fund (SPY). During the summer the price oscillated between the 50 and 200-day moving averages and not far from the all-time high set in May, until the plunge of August 20-25.

   Rampant pessimism by pundits, advisers and investors during late summer returned the contrarian in me to optimism for the longer term. I sensed smart money accumulation during September, while the pundits were screaming doom and their listeners were still bailing out. Investors may have been anticipating the usual trough for October, but in recent years many of the normal seasonal turning points have been slowly advancing to earlier in the calendar year.

   The SPY’s rebound September 29 and especially the huge intra-day reversal on October 2 restored all of my outlook arrows to green. The 50-day moving average provided support for a bounce in early October. On October 23 the 200-day moving average was surpassed. After brief hesitation just above that level during late October, the price soared further above it on October 28 without giving back much during the rest of that week.

   November began with a two-day rally approaching the SPY’s all-time high before a corrective period afterward. Investors appear to have been cowed by what appears now to be an inevitable increase in the FOMC’s interest rate targets on December 16. The fall beneath the SPY’s 200-day moving average on November 12 created enough concern to paint my weekly outlook arrow a cautious yellow. The continued decline on November 13 turned my monthly arrow yellow, however the November 16 rally flipped it back to green. The surge back above the 200-day MA on November 18 pulled my weekly arrow back into the green stable.

   Now the record high of May is again within striking distance. The SPY price has barely changed for over a week as folks were involved with Thanksgiving. However a Santa Claus rally usually transpires in December, which is often the best month of the year for the stock market. On Tuesday, pension fund managers will have new month cash to put to work.

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