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The popular averages soared upward on Friday. The yield of 10-year US treasury bonds held above that for 2-year notes, hence concerns were relaxed about a recession possibly looming on the horizon.

   During May both the 50 and 200-day moving averages of the SPY were punctured. Then the early June rally pushed the SPY back above both of them. This blossomed into a full fledged resumption of the uptrend leading to all-time intraday and closing highs for the SPY on July 26, as hopes grew for a Fed easing and an armistice in the trade war. We got the easing, but the trade war is still ongoing.

   Then a SPY sell-off began and accelerated into a gap on August 5th, but the 200-day MA was not violated. That pointed toward a possible filling of the gap. Not only was it filled on August 8th, but also the SPY pushed above its 50-day moving average.

   On Friday August 9th there appeared to be risk-off selling during the closing minutes that continued on Monday. The Tuesday SPY rally found resistance at its 50-day MA. Then on Wednesday the SPY tumbled precipitously. On Thursday the price gyrations were somewhat more quiet. That led into a relief rally on Friday. Now the SPY sits between its 50 and 200-day moving averages. Crossing one or the other could be telling for the trend into the autumn.


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