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On Friday the popular averages again closed to the upside after a report that the Chinese government has indicated a willingness to encourage the purchase of more American products. Industrial production and capacity utilization increased in December. Consumer sentiment cooled significantly this month as Trump’s tariff war and shutdown of the government continued. Meanwhile the price of crude oil rose while that for gold fell on Friday.

   Tesla (TSLA -13.0%) dropped after announcing layoffs following the big push to maximize production and deliveries before the end-of-year halving of income tax credits for buyers. Notice was given that Q4 profit will be less than Q3. The cost cutting is designed to insure growing profits while production gears up for lower priced models.     

   Above is our 3-month chart of the S&P 500 exchange traded fund (SPY). The stock market drop that began in early October came amid a tariff war and rising interest rates. It skewed surveys of professional and individual investors toward quite bearish stances. The result was a number of days of panic selling last month.

   The December market plunge occurred amid dysfunction in the US government climaxing in Trump’s partial shutdown of the government when Congress did not include his southern border wall in a funding bill. However the SPY has been rising this month. The surpassing of its 50-day moving average on Friday amid increased trading volume allowed all of our outlook arrows to point upward.


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