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Click for brief clip   of Curt Renz in       Coin Toss

Before retiring, Curt Renz was an anchor, financial editor and market analyst for sixteen years with the daily Stock Market Observer program on WCIU-TV in Chicago. Earlier he held similar positions at KCSM-TV and KSTS-TV, both serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously Mr. Renz had been a stockbroker and real estate broker. He is a Vietnam War veteran, and graduated near the top of his class from the highly respected NIU College of Business. Curt is the author of The Investor’s Guide to Technical Analysis published by McGraw-Hill.


1956 Chicago Ravenswood School Fifth Grade Photo - Curt Renz in Center

WCIU-TV Stock Market Observer Staff 1994

If you are in the Chicago photo seen below, please email me.     I can be found in the photo’s center wearing a bow tie.

WCIU-TV Stock Market Observer 1995 NOV 10