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Mercury as a Winter Evening Star

Panorama of the western sky with Mercury and the Moon as seen from Chicagoland 30 minutes after sunset from 2020 JAN 21 to FEB 22 - See table below.

Mercury - Elongations & Altitudes

The planet’s elongations from the Sun and altitudes above the horizon as viewed from latitude N 42°

Mercury 02 Mercury 03 Mercury 04

Mercury Angular Diameter

Graph of the apparent angular diameter of Mercury measured in arcseconds  -  Distance in AU = 6.68 / angular diameter

Mercury Illumination Phase

Graph of the percentage of Mercury’s apparent disk illuminated

Mercury Stellar Magnitude

Graph of the brightness of Mercury measured in stellar magnitude

Mercury 05


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Mercury 01 MerTran

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Mercury Transits Sun

Graphics of Mercury transiting the Sun in 2019, 2032, 2039, 2049 & 2052