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Mercury as Late Autumn Morning Star

Panorama of the eastern sky with Mercury and the Moon as seen from Chicagoland 30 minutes before sunrise from 2019 NOV 14 to DEC 26 - See table below.

Mercury - Elongations & Altitudes - 2019-20

The planet’s elongations from the Sun and altitudes above the horizon as viewed from latitude N 42°

Mercury 02 Mercury 03 Mercury 04

Mercury Angular Diameter - 2019-20

Graph of the apparent angular diameter of Mercury measured in arcseconds  -  Distance in AU = 6.68 / angular diameter

Mercury Illumination Phase - 2019-20

Graph of the percentage of Mercury’s apparent disk illuminated

Mercury Stellar Magnitude - 2019-20

Graph of the brightness of Mercury measured in stellar magnitude

Mercury 05


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Mercury 01 MerTran

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Mercury Transits Sun

Graphics of Mercury transiting the Sun in 2019, 2032, 2039, 2049 & 2052