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Mars Chart - Opposition 2020 OCT 14

A plotting of the planet in equatorial coordinates of current date during 2020 MAY 08 to 2021 MAR 22 - See table below.

Mars Declinations and Altitudes at Oppositions

A plotting of Mars through the zodiac at oppositions during coming years, plus data of its right ascensions, declinations and transit altitudes

Mars Angular Diameter - 2019-20

Graph of equatorial angular diameter of Mars measured in arcseconds - Distance in AU = 9.36 / angular diameter

Mars, Earth & Sun at Oppositions

Diagram of relative positions of Mars, Earth & Sun at oppositions during coming years, plus data on distance, angular size & brightness

Mars Appearing as Big as a Full Moon!!!

Diagram demonstrating how Mars would appear as big as a Full Moon on 2010 AUG 27 AS THE SPAMMERS WANTED YOU TO BELIEVE! (LOL)

Mars 01 Mars 02 Mars 08 Mars 03 Mars 04

Mars Stellar Magnitude - 2019-20

Graph of the brightness of Mars measured in stellar magnitude

Mars 05 Mars 06

Mars Illumination Phase - 2019-20

Graph of the percentage of Mars’ apparent disk illuminated

Mars 07

Mars Meridian Transit Time - 2019-20

Graph of the times that the planet Mars transits the prime meridian

Mars Apparent Axial Tilt Graph - 2019-20

Graph of the tilt of Mars’ rotational axis as viewed from Earth Negative if south pole tilted toward Earth

Mars 09

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